Thursday, February 12, 2009

Book Review - Part II

I thought about trying to write a fancy-schmancy review of this book, but then I realized I should leave that to the experts. :)
Here is what the back of the book says: "Visioneering is the engineering of a vision. It's the process one follows to develop and maintain vision. "Vision," writes Andy Stanley, "is a clear mental picture of what could be, fueled by the conviction that it should be."In the bestselling Visioneering, Stanley builds a compelling case for the necessity of a clear, God-ordained vision for each of the roles of your life. Whether you're a parent with a vision for your children or a CEO pursuing a corporate vision, Visioneering is the perfect tool to help you develop and maintain God's unique purpose for your life."
One of the coolest things to me is that in the inside of the book are the reviews by other people and they range from pastors to CEO's. This book really is for everyone who has a vision to see something happen.
One of my favorite chapters in this book is chapter two, Praying and Planning. To me, it is the fire that everyone needs to sit on to get their butt in motion. So many times in life we all have things we would love to do, but it never goes any farther than that. This chapter helped me to see that God really does care about the things I dream of doing, and that HE put those dreams inside of me.

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