Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Little Bit of Random - Part III

Today is the day!
This time 417 days ago I started reading the Bible shown above. I have to admit that I never thought I would finish it. Actually, that is not entirely the truth. I wanted to finish it on time because I am a very competitive person and I did not want to "loose". I know, I know, not the best reason to do this, but once I got started I really enjoyed it. So, today 52 days after the "end date" I finished.
I hate to admit this, especially as a minister's wife, but I have never read the entire Bible all the way through. In fact, there are several books of the Bible that I have never read even one time.
Going through the process of reading this Bible has changed my life in so many ways. I honestly feel like I know more about God than I ever have. So many things about Him that I "knew" but never really allowed to change my heart.
If you have not read through the entire Bible, I challenge you to. It will change your life, your relationship with God and the way you see people that He created and loves.

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Paul & Angela Jenkins said...

Yeah I'm reading it now and I remember the question I had for you. It was not about your job but about the book of JOB. Now if I can just remember the question. Oh well. :)