Friday, January 23, 2009

Bloom Where You Are Planted - Part Two

Bloom Where You Are Planted - Part Two
So, you've packed up your house, packed up your family and packed up your life. Loaded everything and everyone into your car(s) and headed west (or east as the case may be)!
Then, you've un-packed your house, un-packed your family and un-packed your life.
Now what?
Well, this is where the true "journey" begins. Making friends.
I'll be honest........I'm not very good at this part. Don't get me wrong, I'm perky (when I need to be) pleasant to be around (most of the time) and generally a fun person to hang out with. I can carry a conversation with almost everyone and can discuss most major topics that are taking place in our world. It's the in-between times that I have a hard time with. Like the introducing myself times and the asking you personal questions times.
So, how have I survived this over the last 11 years? Here's what I have learned along the way.
  • You might have to do some "uncomfortable" things. Like, go to a mommy's group where you don't know anyone, or a Ladies Bible Study when you have never studied this topic before or go over to someones home whom you have never met before. Basically, little Ms. Turtle, you are going to HAVE TO GET OUT OF THAT SHELL. Believe me, NO ONE knows about how easy it is to hide away in your house better than I do. I'm not a people person but unfortunatly this profession does not lend it's self to introverts. What will start happening is thoughts like, "No one likes me", or "No one has reached out to me" will start taking root in your mind and your heart. And you know what, maybe no one has reached out to you, so ....... go reach out to them. Give someone the chance to get to know you, because the truth is they will probably like you!
  • Learn from others. I'll tell you who are the pros at this, military wives. Man, they are freaking GREAT at this. And the one reason I believe they are is because they HAVE to be. They have no other choice. But it does pay off! The one military wife who taught me this is my sweet friend Jessi. The first time she came to our church was because she saw our sign and just knew she needed to come. No one invited her. She came on her own. She is one of the dearest friends I have had since living here in South Carolina (and we really miss her). When she walked through the door she started coming to almost everything we offered. Ladies Bible Studies, Mommy Play Groups, and Women's Retreats. She knew she had to , and now she's doing it again in the big MO. If your not a people person you are going to have to push yourself in this area. Give some new things a try. You never know how many good friends you could meet! I promise.

This is where your "roots" are going to start forming. And keep in mind that it is really hard to "bloom" without roots!

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